Technology and Innovation, a way forward for Bougainville

September 19, 2018


Technology holds promise for Bougainville. Technology promotes efficiency, boosts production improves people’s lives and well-being, and adds value to what they produce so that they can sell it at a profit.

The crisis has proven that one does not need to have a lot of education to innovate and reinvent technologies that are already in existence. People who used reverse engineering to come up with an efficient and sustainable source of electricity through utilization of standard electric motors from the mine site at Panguna had very little education.

They were driven by necessity which is said to be the mother of invention. If they couldn’t have it they had to make it from what was available. That’s innovation which is changing things around to make them work in a different way.

Nowadays the internet which is a product of communication and information technologies provides access to tons of information which can be accessed by villagers to learn how to produce soap, purify water, treat diseases with herbs, build fish ponds and much more.

For the cost of data units, one can access from the YouTube video instructions and even a whole series of tutorials on appropriate village technologies.

The government’s role is to come up with short-term, medium-term and long-term holistic development vision which will direct it to put together sound policies and development guidelines to establish, among other developments, road and communications infrastructure in order that everyone can have access to technologies like the internet, electricity, radio and television broadcasts to broaden their knowledge base and bring about those changes that will improve their livelihoods in the long run.
The government must have it’s own science and technology research programs to improve crop yields, work on disease prevention and promotion of healthy lifestyles and much more.

Instead of mobilizing its people the government has come to rely on foreign advise which coughs up the kind of development that is not in line with our values and way of life. People will ignore or even reject and reject any development efforts that they feel no part of or that they believe will do them more harm than good and they have every right to do so.

If the government does not value it’s people's ability to build their own country then who does the country belong to? Chinese?

Let’s give our people the access to helpful technology and let them work for their development according to their own vision.

Lefthand ColumnTop-Bottom: Different examples of technology that can help better to improve life and livelihoods .